It was in 2000 that I fell in love with soap making after taking a class at Woodridge Estate in the KZN Midlands. I not only fell in love with the process but with the shop in which the class was held. It was gorgeous. It smelt so good. And everything in the shop was natural. Sadly the shop no longer exists but it was the first brick in the road of my journey with natural body products and skin care. I was then given a book called The Fragrant Pharmacy, by Valerie Ann Worwood, which laid the second brick and started a love affair with aromatherapy and essential oils which continues today. My children teasingly nicknamed this book ‘the Witches Bible’ as I would turn to it to find healing recipes for every little scrape, scratch or sniffle that they had. The book is now falling apart, but it is still with me and as I type this it is sitting on the desk next to me, loved yet bedraggled but still very well used.  Read More

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